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My name is Ben Robinson, Founder of the Ben Robinson Homes Team.

My team redefined real estate by guaranteeing our clients success. Whether buying, selling or both. In today's world of social media, television, radio and more, we're constantly being sold products/services that flat out don't work. The real estate industry is no different. It seems everywhere you look, an agent is claiming to be 'The Top Agent', or committing to sell your home "better" than everyone else. Well how can everyone be the top agent at the same time? They can't be. What consequences (beyond losing your business) are there for the Realtor who fails to sell your home? None!

That's where my guarantee came in, and what I'm most well known for - 'Your Home Sold Guaranteed, Or We'll Buy It'

This promise had a two fold effect. It gave our clients a huge sigh of relief, as they had a back up plan when it came to buying their next home and needing to sell their current one. It also put something tangible behind the promise of their chosen Realtor.

In fact it worked so well, the team has developed further guarantees to make sure we provide the same success for both buyers and sellers, in writing. Whether its top level service, negotiating pricing, selling your home or due diligence. Ben Robinson Homes always gives a tangible outcome behind the promise! That's my guarantee to you.

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