Vancouver Real Estate - March 2023

Posted on Apr 06, 2023

Hello everybody, Happy Easter and welcome to APRIL! Crazy how fast the year is going by!

On the agenda today is March Madness in Vancouver Real Estate, and yep you guessed it.

I cannot stress HOW IMPORTANT it is to look at these market trends right now, not just the factual numbers. The numbers are important yes, but the underlying trends are the mos...

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Posted on Mar 30, 2023

Welcome back you lovely people! Today you’re going to find out what went wrong with the Silicon Valley Bank fiasco, and you’re going to learn it all in 5 minutes or less!

If you’ve been anywhere near any kind of Media outlet these past weeks, you’ll have heard of Silicon Valley Bank, which I’m guna refer to as SVB moving forward from here. Essential...

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Posted on Feb 23, 2023

I called this blog “Immigration Vs. Housing Supply” for a reason. It’s often touted this way when you read news articles on social media, online, or hear the debate on news channels (If anyone still watches those). There is a deep irony in this framing though, as the Housing Supply NEEDS Immigration in order to succeed, or better phrased, advance...

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